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In celebration of our 30th birthday we have created a limited edition selection of 40 handmade chocolates.  Flavours are a collection of award winners and customer favourites, you won't go wrong with this assortment.

Flavours include:

Feijoa Honey, winner of a gold medal and best in class at the 2020 NZ Chocolate Awards
Hauraki Salted Caramel, winner of a gold medal at the 2018 NZ Chocolate Awards
Mango & Passionfruit, winner of a bronze medal at the 2017 NZ Chocolate Awards

Customer favourites:

Crunchy Nut Caramel Cup
Vanilla Raspberry
1919 Summer Pink Gin & Raspberry
Chocolate Extreme, we have included this chocolate in our selection because it is actually like a little bite of our chocolate truffle slice, the product Devonport Chocolates originally started with 30 years ago.

Box measures 24 x 21 x 3.5 cm.  

Gluten free.  Contains dairy, soy and alcohol.

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