Christmas Entertaining Inspiration - Devonport Chocolates

Christmas Entertaining Inspiration - Devonport Chocolates

Published by Devonport Chocolates on 8th Dec 2020

Christmas Entertaining

The Christmas Season is upon us and if you are like me you are either heading off to various 'do's' or you have family and friends about to arrive on your doorstep in the middle of one of the most hectic and busy times of the year.  

It is easy to get caught up in wanting the perfect Christmas table and if you are anything like me you weren't too sure where to start. While setting up for photos I tralled pinterest and found some really easy things to do to complete your Christmas table.

Place napkins on your dinner plate and side plate on the top, place your crackers on top of the side plate. Instant magazine looking setting.

Lights look gorgeous down the middle of the table. As most lights come on wire now, use battery powered ones and give them a springy curl by winding them around a roll of wrapping paper. Nestle them among some greenery from your garden, if there is Pohutukawa in bloom near you, use some of that.

Extra Finishes

Of course I'm going to say that our gorgeous Christmas shapes look stunning if you don't have crackers to place on the table, a chocolate tablet also looks gorgeous placed at each setting for an extra special treat for your guests.

Our 'Merry Christmas' Truffle Slice is a fantastic addition and an easy dessert if you find yourself running out of time. we also get them purchased from us for host gifts during this season.

For more Festive chocolate dessert ideas scroll a little further down the page.

Festive Desserts

While we are big believers in using chocolates as dessert to make any dinner or barbecue easier, here are three of our recipes that you can make in advance to help you manage your time while entertaining at Christmas.


Click on the image above to be taken through to our chocolate pavlova recipe. I love making pavlovas for dessert. Don't stress if it cracks or crumbles just cover it in some cream and pile on summer berries, it will look rustic and decadent!

Chocolate and Orange Pudding

If you love a bit of tradition then look no further than this chocolate and orange steamed pudding dessert. This takes a bit of extra effort but looks absolutely stunning when served.

Christmas Cake

This is a delicious fruit cake made with gluten free flour, almond meal and chocolate! While this is a cake don't forget it makes a fantastic dessert with a bit of warmed custard, even on a sunny summers day.

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