The new ruby chocolate had been receiving press for around a year now.  First launched in the Asian market and made into a Kit Kat we have been fascinated by this 'new' chocolate and what it could possibly taste of.  It has taken some time for the chocolate to reach us in the Pacific.  We were so excited about it we brought it from Australia as world wide demand meant it was taking a little while to reach New Zealand.

How is Ruby chocolate made?
Barry Callebaut have developed this chocolate and are keeping a tight hold on the process but what we can say is.  Ruby chocolate comes from a cacao pod with very specific ruby characteristics.  A Ruby cacao pod could be any type of pod (Forrestero, Criollo or Trinitario), you could have a whole tree of pods and only a couple, if any with the specific ruby characteristics.

Barry Callebaut have found a way to ferment the beans without changing their pinky/purple colour which you then create the natural colour in the chocolate, there isn't any colouring in it!

What does it taste like?
Ruby chocolate is very similar to a white chocolate but with more acidity to it.  It also has very strong berry notes.

How much sugar is in it?
Now this surprised me, it actually has less sugar than white chocolate and milk chocolate.  Ruby chocolate is 35% sugar, our white chocolate is 46% and our milk chocolate is 41%

What does it go with?
We felt Ruby chocolate had such an interesting flavour it was going to be difficult to create a filled chocolate that complemented the ruby chocolate so we have done it in solid tablets with delicious freeze dried fruits which enhance the natural characteristics of the ruby chocolate.

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