Marshmallow Lolly Cake

Marshmallow Lolly Cake

Published by Devonport Chocolates on 16th May 2022

How good is lolly cake! Easy to make and absolutely delicious it is perfect when you need to "bring a plate", create food for a Birthday Day party or fill a tin in the cupboard. This lolly cake recipe started with a recipe from the Countdown website, but there are a lot of them around and instead of spongy lollies I used a packet of our raspberry marshmallow and our passionfruit marshmallow.


One packet of malt biscuits

100g of butter, melted.

1/2 a can of sweetened condensed milk
2 packets of Devonport Chocolates marshmallow (approximately 120g)
3/4 cup of coconut thread


Crush your malt biscuits. I used our Nutribullet, you can use a food processor or a bag and a rolling pin if your day has been stressful.
Place crushed biscuits in a mixing bowl.
Cut your marshmallows into quarters and add to the bowl of crushed biscuits with the butter and condensed milk.
Mix everything together.
Form your mix into a log and cover with the coconut thread.
Place into the fridge for several hours until firm and then slice.
I found placing my roll into a loaf tin worked really well to maintain the shape while it was setting.



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