Cocoa can truly be a trans-formative ingredient in baking.  The humblest brownie recipe becomes a moist and decadent treat if you use the right kind of cocoa.

With this in mind and knowing our customers wanted a sugar free option for making hot chocolates at home we decided to launch a new Fairtrade cocoa this year.  To celebrate the launch of our new cocoa we set our staff the challenge to create a recipe or bake an old favourite recipe using our new cocoa.  The result was one amazing morning tea at work and some delicious recipes, here are some of their creations.

Our kitchen supervisor Derek made a family friends chocolate cake recipe.  This was absolutely delicious and clearly a tried and true recipe, you can imagine it being made whenever you needed to 'bring a plate'.

Click here for Val's Chocolate Cake
Some slightly over cooked caramels and our Devonport Chocolates cocoa made their way into this delicious brownie created by Natalie.  One of the most decadent brownies I have ever tasted (and I am picky I must confess), seriously awesome!

Click here for Natalies' recipe
It is pretty hard to walk past a plate of Afghan biscuits and resist them and Olivia's recipe is no different. Crunchy and soft with a deliciously chocolaty topping to finish the recipe off.

Click here for the recipe
I remember my Mum making this recipe when I was little and then when I was bigger I made it myself.  It is perfect for lunchbox treats and super easy to make.

Click here for recipe
Our Store Manager Amy loves experimenting with recipes and used the blog to help her create this really simple but delicious chocolate biscuit recipe.  This recipe is perfect for dunking into a cup of tea.

Click here for recipe