Chocolate lollipops

These lollipops are fantastic to make on a wet rainy day, as a party activity or during school holidays. If the lollipops are going to be eaten on the same day they are made the chocolate doesn’t need to be tempered.


Hundreds and Thousands
Chopped Nuts
Piping bags
Flat plastic tray or oven cookie tray with sides
Lollipop sticks


Take your clean cookie tray and cover the base in hundreds and thousands, chopped nuts or even rice bubbles, anything you think would go nicely with chocolate but is nice and little and will sit well on the chocolate.

Put your chocolate in a microwave proof bowl and microwave on medium in one minute bursts stirring really well in-between each minute. It is really important the microwave is on medium or your chocolate will burn.

Put your chocolate in a zip lock bag or disposable piping bag.

Cut a tiny hole in the corner of the bag.

Draw a solid circle in the hundreds and thousands with the chocolate and place the lollipop stick on this. Then draw your shape with the chocolate incorporating the chocolate circle. You can draw any shape you like as long as it is around the circle and joins up to the circle.

Leave to set (approx 30 minutes depending on how hot your kitchen is).

Pick up the lollipop by the lollipop stick and shake the excess hundreds and thousands off and voila you have made your own chocolate lollipop.