Assortment, Petite Treats, 6 Pieces


The ultimate rich chocolate indulgence. Every bite is to be savoured and enjoyed. Assortment includes two each of:

Liqueur Cherry, dark chocolate ganache with a marinated cherry inside.
Mocha Caramel, a layer of espresso ganache and a layer or gooey caramel.
Limoncello, white chocolate ganache mixed with Sovrano Limoncello and a sprinkling of lemon tea.

Box measures 26 x 46 x 3cm, 110g.   
Gluten and egg free.  Contains alcohol, dairy and soy.

Limoncello, liqueured cherry and mocha caramel cups


Milk, Dark and White Chocolate: Sugar, cocoa butter, full cream milk powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin, 476), natural vanilla flavouring.

Centre: Glucose syrup, water, stabiliser (461), butter (cream, salt), cream, fruitrim (fruit juice, natural grain dextrins),Sovrano Limoncello, liqueured NZ Cherries, Heilala Vanilla Paste, natural flavourings,  salt.

Colouring: E 133, 153, 171, 172, (decoration)

Anticaking agent: potassium aluminium silicate

Cocoa solids for dark chocolate – 55%

Cocoa solids for milk chocolate – 35%

Cocoa solids for white chocolate – 30%

All chocolate items gluten free

Contains: Milk, Soy, and alcohol

Contains less than 1% alcohol