Iced Mocha

Tags: Chocolate Drinks

5 mins
Iced Mocha


  • 2 heaped tsp Devonport Chocolates Dark Hot Chocolate Mix
  • Hot Shot of Espresso
  • 200ml of Milk
  • Handful of Ice
  • Ice cream if desired


Place two heaped teaspoons of Devonport Chocolates Dark Hot Chocolate Mix in a glass.

Pour a hot shot of espresso on top.

Stir well until hot chocolate mix has dissolved.

Put a large handful of ice into the glass on top of the espresso and hot chocolate mix.

Pour in the milk.

Stir and top up with ice as desired.

It really is that simple!  You could add sugar syrup or icecream if you prefer is sweeter, ice cream would turn it into a delicious dessert.  Sprinkle with hot chocolate mix if desired.

Use a strong brew/ flavour of coffee so the coffee and hot chocolate flavours both come through.

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