Delicious Chocolate Milkshake

Summer is here and what better way to enjoy the hot chocolate mix you have left over from winter than in a summer milkshake.

This recipe is really easy to make in a blender, magic bullet of something like that.

I decorated with pieces of chopped up strawberry, almond brittle, strawberry chocolates and cream.


250ml milk
2 large scoops of icecream (I used vanilla)
3 x heaped dessert spoons of Devonport Chocolates Dark Hot Chocolate mix


Cream (I used cream in a can for ease of use)
Fruit, brittle, chocolates to decorate.


Place milk, ice cream and hot chocolate powder in a blender or milk shake maker and blend until smooth. (See it is really easy).

If you would like to decorate your hot chocolate like the picture:
Put the chocolate callets in a microwave bowl, place in microwave on medium power for one minute and stir well, repeat this until chocolate is melted. Place melted chocolate in a zip lock bag, cut the corner and drizzle around the inside of the glass you are serving the milk shake in, or just spoon it in randomly around the glass. Pour the milk shake in the glass, top with cream and an assortment of goodies if you choose. Enjoy!