Introducing our New Website

Introducing our New Website

25th Sep 2020

This year has been challenging for all small businesses and one thing was made very clear, our website while pretty needed to be updated so we can look after our amazing customers even better and offer a seamless experience for our loyalty customers whether you purchase in store, online or both.

Our website looks reasonably similar but there are a few key changes that are really exciting.

Claim your loyalty voucher and spend it online right away.

The first thing is our website now completely links with our loyalty system.  If you claim a voucher you can automatically spend it online or in store, no waiting for us to load it up manually (this is so exciting!)

Here is a video  on how you can login to the loyalty system and check your points as well as claim a voucher and then spend it.

We can run promotions a lot more efficiently. For example, our truffle slice special, just choose the flavours you want and the special will be applied automatically, instead of you choosing our selection of flavours or having to let us know in delivery instructions.

Adding gift wrapping to your order is in a different place

Gift wrapping isn't part of the checkout process you need to apply this at the cart level. Here is a video of how you can do this. This is also where you let us know if you would like a 'Do not open until' label.

Keep track of your past orders and addresses

If you choose to set up a profile on our website you can keep track of past orders, recently viewed items and your regularly used addresses.

As with all cloud website builders there are a few compromises.

Adding a delivery address and instructions

If you are already logged in adding a new address can look a little different.

Unfortunately one of the big sacrifices is multi-destination delivery.  

This is available under this cloud website builder but doesn't work well with offering free freight over $100. (If you reach the free freight threshold of $100 all of your delivery destinations become free)  Obviously this isn't sustainable for us financially (you could buy 10 things and have them sent to 10 different destinations for free).  WE hope Bigcommerce will tidy up the programming on this soon and we can offer it again.

There are sure to be a few hiccups as we bed in our new website so please bare with us and remember we are always at the end of the phone +64 9 445 6001 or email

We would love to help you.

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