Assortment, Catering, 72 Pieces

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The perfect assortment to put on a platter for special events like weddings, high teas and conferences. It transforms a dessert table from the ordinary to sublime!

Contains 72 chocolates and truffles and in presented in a Devonport Chocolates catering box. 

Flavours are: 
Strawberry Rose Truffle 
Cafe Latte Truffle
Chocolate extreme
Hauraki Salted Caramel
Valencia Orange
Creamy Caramel
Mango Passionfruit
Vanilla and Raspberry 

Please note this assortment isn't pre-packed in store and can take up to an hour per box to pack in our sole-charge stores, even more if we are having a busy stream of customers,give us a call and we can pack it in advance for you.  City store 377 1010, Devonport 445 6001. 

Flavours may vary if purchasing in store.

Box measures 30 x 30 x 4 cm.

Gluten free.  Palm oil free. Contains dairy.  Contains alcohol.

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