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The perfect assortment to put on a platter for special events like weddings, high teas and conferences. It transforms a dessert table from the ordinary to sublime!

Contains 72 chocolates and truffles and in presented in a Devonport Chocolates catering box. 

Flavours include:
Flat White Truffle
Valencia Orange
Mango Passionfruit
Raspberry Vanilla
Strawberry and NZ Rosé Wine Truffle
Hauraki Sea Salt Caramel
Creamy Caramel
Chocolate Extreme

Please note this assortment isn't pre-packed in store and can take up to an hour per box to pack in our sole-charge stores, even more if we are having a busy stream of customers, give us a call and we can pack it in advance for you. Auckland city store 09 377 1010, Devonport store 09 445 6001.

Flavours may vary if purchasing in store.

Box measures 30 x 30 x 4 cm.

Nutritional Information

Contains soy, dairy, alcohol Produced in a kitchen where tree nuts are used. Free from ingredients containing gluten however some ingredients are from suppliers who use the same equipment for items containing milk, soybean, sulphites, wheat and barley products therefore cross contamination is possible.

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